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那就多啦,直接是“变成”意思的有become,词组有change into ,get into,turn to/into,"换成"change for 等等啦

适合 shìhé [agree with] 符合;合宜

1.learn to do 2. at first 3.have no problem 4.be afraid of doing 5.laugh at sb. 6.take notes 7.make a complete sentence 8.have a difficult doing .9 .decide to do 10.like to do/like doing

get good become good

1present 2give in 3give out 4go over 5go through 6have a see 7unclear 8in a word

turn it on (动词与副词组成的词组,代词作宾语时要用宾格放词组中间,类似的词组还有turn off/ up / down, write down 等,一定要记住哦)

1两张纸 Two piece of paper 2整理床铺 Neaten bed 3儿童医院 Children hospital 4修飞机 Repairing airplan 5向窗外看 Look out the windown 6回家度假 Taking a holiday at home 7have fun doing sth 乐意做某事 8get ready for 准备(去做某事

成为英文 become

1、make ………2、let………3、become4、turn…………5、change………

1 hundreds of passengens 2 have a good time 3 for example 4 not at all 5 too many female teachers 6 no longer 7 be angry with sb 8 do morning exercise 8 try to eat less meat 9 be tired of computer games 10 may be 11it's sure that

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