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Do the houseworkhousework家务活wash disheswash floorclean windowssweep the floormop the floorcook


do housework 是做家务的总称,还有以下可用:clean the room清扫屋子; wash dishes洗碗 ;make meals做饭 ;wash clothes 洗衣服

do the dishes 洗餐具 take out the trash 倒垃圾 fold your ciothes 叠衣服 sweep the floor 扫地 make your bed/整理床铺 clean the living room 清理居室 别忘采纳!

clean the floor 擦地板wash the dishes 洗碗stack the dishes 把碗放起来wash clothes 洗衣服wash stocks 洗袜子clean (wipe) the table 擦桌子mow the lawn 修剪草坪lat up the quilts 叠被子tidy the house 打扫屋子

洗碗:wash/do the dishes拖地:mop the floor扫地:sweep the floor洗衣服:wash the clothes烧饭:do the cooking整理房间tidy (up) the room 擦窗clean the windows 铺床make the bed 摆放餐具set the table刷墙paint the walls 煮餐点cook the

ousework家务活wash disheswash floorclean windows

housework家务劳动 makeing the bed cleaning the window moping the floor tidying up the desk pruneing the flower washing the dishes sweep the floor 扫地 water flowers浇花 wash dishes洗碗 make dinner/cook做饭 wash clothes洗衣服 mop the

Housework housework [hausw:k] n.家务劳动 例句:They share the housework equally between them.他们平等分担家务.My weekend was dominated by housework.我的周末全用在做家务上了.We have a maid to do the housework.我们有个女仆干家务活儿.

洗碗盘wash the dishes 把什么什么收拾起来put away 洗衣服do the langdry整理床铺make the bed 倒垃圾take out the trash擦窗户clean the window做饭cook the meal

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