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贾斯丁比伯 有首歌 里面 有句歌词是I BE your liFE...

Cold Water 和Major Lazer & M∅ 合作的新歌:)

I'll show you 我的生活就像电影 My life is a movie 所有人都是观众 And eve youe's wafching 所以让我们直接跳入高潮 so let's get to the good part 把剩下的无聊都放弃 And part all the nonsense 有些时候想要做正确的事情很难 so me time ...

We pray for blessings we pray for peace Comfort for family protection while we sleep We pray for healing for prosperity We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering And all the while You hear each spoken need Yet love us ...

因为JB是客串的 其实那首不算是JB的歌 是LMFAO的歌 LMFAO组合跟JB是好朋友来的

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