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use something to do something 保证正确,希望能帮到你.Thank you!

do sth with sthuse sth to do sthsth be used to do sth

使用某物做某事 use sth to do sth在上小学 at a primary school住在一间公寓 live in an apartment乘坐火箭到月球 travel to the moon by rocket

Pick up something to do something

do sth with sth use sth to do sth sth be used to do sth ~~版~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,有疑问可追问,请及时权采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

do something with something

发明某物做某事 【invent sth to do sth/for doing sth】 有不会的可以再问我

没有使某人某物,只有使某人做某事 make/let sb do sth my father makes me read english every day my teacher lets me clean the classroom his jokes make me laugh

1what about doing sth? 2 I prefer to sth/do sth rather than do sth

用某物做某事 use sth to do sth /use sth for doing sth被用来做某事sth be used for doing 习惯于做某事be /get used to doing sth过去常常做某事 used to do sth

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