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only 放在句子开头,句子倒装,如: Only when you learn how important it is can you put your heart into it. 只有当你了解它 的重要性, 你才会全身心投入去学习它.

是一个英语拼字游戏;给出8个字母,你进行排列组合,形成一个存在的单词;如nicreldh;nice redheldchildren用完8个词就得最高分

Only by working hard can we make a success. 倒装句式哦 或:Only by our own arduous efforts can we succeed.

just you only you 前者用的人多点,后者也有人用,但是口气比较重些.

你好!翻译为:only you!希望能够帮到你!

just use by myself 只有我用 just me 只有我,u r right

1、用only+状语提前,句子部分倒装. eg:Only after we asked him for three times did he agree to join us. 我们请了他三次,他才同意加入我们. Only in my own room can I read books. 2、用only强调主语 eg:Only you can persuade him to give up

only one.only.只有自己

他们 [tā men] they 英 [e] 美 [e] pron. 他们;它们;她们 them 英 [em; m] 美 [m; m] pron. 他们;它们;她们 n. (Them)人名;(老)探

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