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也[yě] 副 also; too; as well as; as well also 英 [:ls] 美 [:lso] adv.也;同样;并且 conj.另外



also[英][':ls] [美][lso] 生词本简明释义adv.也;同样;并且conj.另外易混淆的单词:AlsoALSO以下结果由 金山词霸 提供柯林斯高阶英汉词典 网络释义 百科释义 同反义词1.ADV而且;还;此外You can use also to give more information

also 英[':ls] 美[lso] adv.也;同样;并且 conj.另外 [例句]Wii sales also fell off a cliff.Wii的销量同样暴跌.

also 英[:ls] 美[:lso] adv. 也; 同样; 并且; conj. 另外; [例句]It is the work of Ivor Roberts-Jones, who also produced the statue of Churchill in Parliament Square这是艾弗罗伯茨-琼斯的作品,他还创作了议会广场上的丘吉尔塑像.

应该是 He also doesn't .also的用法 also用于实义动词之前 ▲also用于实义动词之前 They also agree with me. 他们也同意我的看法. I also began to be interested in crickets. 我也开始对板球运动感到兴趣.also用于be动词之后 ▲also用于be动

also ad. 1. 也,亦;还 John is also 19 years old. 约翰也是十九岁. 2. 同样地 Since you've accepted the invitation, I'll also accept it. 既然你已接受邀请,那我也接受邀请. conj. 1. 又;并且 Also, he has gone abroad. 再者,他已去了国外. ▲also

also ,too主要用于肯定和疑问,否定中用 either, 句型方式用neither,nor. I also went there. I went there too. Do they have to sing in German , too? He didn't go , either. I haven't finished my job, neither has she.

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