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in ADvAnCE造句

she went in advance to hold seats for us.


1在前面The guard of honor marched in advance. 仪仗队走在前面.2.预先I ought to have told you in advance. 我应该事先告诉你.

1.They will pay a hundred and thirty francs in advance. 他们将预付130法郎.《新抄英汉大辞典》2.If there is any change about the time of the meeting, please notify us in advance. 开会时间如有变, 请提前zhidao告诉我们.

the spring is coming in advance this year.希望我的回答可以帮到你

You had better look up the word exactly in the dictionary in advance.

Beijing is famous for Its long history .I will imform you in advance.应该对的

in advance 提前,预先的意思例如: I will inform you about our schedule in advance.我们会提前通知你我们的时间表的.The buyer should T/T 30% as the deposit in advance.买方必须预先通过T/T 付30%订金.

you get here 5 minutes in advance

in advance[英][in dv:ns][美][n dvns]在前头; 预先,事先; 提前; 先期; 例句:1.So start calling your boss's boss's assistant two months in advance. 所以,提前两个月就给老板的老板的助理打电话.2.Sort through some things in advance. 提前就整理好一些东西.

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