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When I grow up.I am going to do what I want to do .I want to be an English teacher in the future.And I am going to move to Beijing or Shanghai.So how am I going to do that ?First ,I am going to finish my schoolwork,and I am going to study English

When i was a child,i saw my parents was always busy,sometimes they put me in others home.i eat my lunch or dinner in others family.but sometimes my parents took me to their work place,at my eyes .it is a good place,because for me it is funny,i

My dream job is to be a teacher because I think it is the greatest job in the world. Teachers teach the students the whole knowledge they own. Besides, they also educate the students how to be a good person. I hope I can become a good teacher and

Everyone has their own dream, the dream of every individual are great, happy, far away. Dreams of making each individual to strive for their goals, to strive, to struggle, to open up. My dream is a long Great later, when a police officer. Was a child, I

My dream job My dream job is to be a doctor when I grow up.My parents are both doctors.They often help people who are getting ill.No matter how tired they are ,they often feel happy when their patients get well.I feel happy too.So,I want to be a doctor in the future,and I want to help sick people feel well.

I dreamed to be a journalist when I was a little child.To live my dream,I have made lots of preparations and plans.I plan to write for the newspapers and magzines.What's more,I will major in journalism in the university.I hope that I can work in CCTV in the future.

My dream job Everyone has his dream job. My dream job is to be a famous doctor in the future. I like to help patients and let them healthy. The doctor's work will be busy but interesting. My teacher said I was good at biology. But I still nees to improve

绝对原创,英汉对照,希望采纳:The good job I dream for everydday is not only make me rich but also achieve my self-realization. 我梦想的工作不仅能使我过上富裕的生活,还能实现自我价值.My dream job, on my

I like drawing. My dream is to have a white house with a white wall, a white roof, a white floor. I can draw a red car on the wall, and I can drive the car around the world. I can draw a plane on the roof, and I want to take the plane to the sky. i can draw a

my dream is to be a doctor in the future. i think it's a great and interesting job. because first i can help many patients. besides i also can find some happiness in this job.second i think i can also help myself and my family so i like this job.third i think

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